The balneotherapy treatments available at Terme di Cervia greatly rely on the natural therapeutic properties of saline water. This saline water comes from the nearby salt lagoons: after the extraction of the salt, the remaining water  – the so called Acqua Madre – arrives directly to our spa, preserving its extraordinary healing properties. It is mainly composed by:

  • sodium and bromine chloride
  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • sulphates
  • bicarbonates

Among the most obvious benefits of crenotherapy with “Acqua Madre” there is the inflammatory stimulus, that is obtained in the first days of therapy, which evolves into anti-inflammatory action that can last for several months.
This process is possible thanks to the stimulation of the immune system and the antiseptic action of the water. The water is kept at a constant, comfortable  33° C and the salt concentration at a density of about 6° Baumé ( four times higher than that of the sea ).

Physical activities involve guests in the use of thermal waters as a preventative instrument and practice of well-being: water aerobics and water pilates reactivate motion, fight the states of muscular tension and promote relaxation of the body.
In the thermal pool, thanks to the unique analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities of the water and the support of at least 90% of body weight, it is possible to perform rehabilitation and physical therapy with a reduction of stress, optimising the quality and effectiveness of the rehabilitation. 
The balneotherapy includes total immersion in a small hydro-massage pool and vascular treatment in variable temperature water baths.


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