Route of admission to thermal treatments:

  1. withdrawal of the ticket vending machine (only for those who have not booked the tour)
  2. medical examination
  3. Ticket
  4. booking care

We recommends the following guidelines for an optimal service:

  • Book day and time of the medical exam on our website or call the number: +39 0544 990111
  • Please avoid coming to the Spa on Monday mornings for medical checks and admission requests.
  • You can book your treatment in advance by calling the number +39 0544 990111 (Tuesday to Saturday, 7.30am to 12.00pm)

Cares to book:
Mud and therapeutic bath in private cubicle / private treatment room
Bath in private treatment room
Vascular treatment program
Physical therapy and rehabilitation
Ear insufflation
Spa treatments

Directions and prescriptions of the family doctor or specialist will be taken into full account by our staff.
Please bring any relevant medical reports to your visit. All medical prescriptions must be submitted to our staff on a daily basis. They will meticulously follow the instructions and cures prescribed by the in-house doctor.  Please avoid sudden changes in body temperature and reduce or quit smoking. A treatment cycle of at least 10-15 days has proven to be highly effective; two treatment cycles can be carried out during the same season, having even greater benefits.  All thermal therapy increases its effectiveness when repeated for several years. Treatments purchased (strictly personal and not transferable) are valid for the thermal season in which they are issued and are non-refundable in the event of failure to use.  In case you are unable to make it to an appointment, it is necessary to cancel at least 24 hours beforehand.

minilogoTerme di Cervia does not assume any liability for lost or stolen articles, valuables on its property. We strongly recommend the use of the safety deposit boxes. The Direction reserves the right to change the prices at any time.



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