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Terme di Cervia has its cosmetic line with thermal bioactives

From work and research of our experts, a line of natural cosmetics,with vegetable extracts, able to provide solutions for the many problems that arise with various types of skin. The exclusive lines (Face, Hair and Body, Man) are based on the natural active principles of the thermal waters and of the healing properties of phytomelatonin, an ingredient with proven revitilizing, moisturizing and protective action. With thermal science and nature in perfect synergy, this products are the ideal combination of health and beauty.

“Cervia Benessere”, an organic skin care line with Sweet Salt of Cervia
We also have an organic cosmetic line with the sweet Salt of Cervia. The products are based on the virtues and properties of Sweet Salt of Cervia’s Saltpans. Its osmotic properties tone up the skin, draining the fluid of the subcutaneous tissues. The skin regains the correct balance,hydration, tone and vitality.


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