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health.113There is the possibility to associate in the same environment:

  • traditional treatments for rehabilitation
  • hydro-kinetic therapy in a thermal bath
  • mud and therapeutic bath
  • massages and execises

The ability to provide thermal treatments, rehabilitation and physical activity in the same environment, allows us to carry out an effective, rapid and risk-free rehabilitation. The regenerative treatments with mud and bath therapy help the body to achieve and maintain maximum fitness. A complete range of computerised equipment has been installed to cater for a variety of applications. As well as being ideal for sports these machines are essential for motor re-education and rehabilitation.
Thanks to this activity, the final result is greater than the sum of the therapeutic effects of each single treatments.
The medical staff of the Terme di Cervia is composed of a professionals team who are able to provide the best route to the sports / rehabilitation protocol can be for diseases with persistent pain of degenerative joint or muscle origin, both for traumatic diseases or in outcomes of surgery.


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