The thermal pool is unquestionably one of the key features of the Spa. Measuring 30 x 15 m, its shallowest end is 1,30 m gradually increasing to 1,7 m.
The water (“Acqua Madre”) is kept at a constant, comfortable 33° and the salt concentration at a density of 6° Baumé ( four times higher than that of the sea ). Lateral jets, set at various heights, produce an efficacious underwater hydro-massage, beneficial to articulation of the joints, during the therapeutic hydro-course. The pool is equipped with 3 rain ceiling showers (sweet water at room temperature) that promote vasoconstriction and vasodilation.

In addition to the main pool there are:

  • vascular circuit
  • rehabilitation pool
  • hydro-massage outdoor pool
  • new solarium hydro-pool

The methodology and the immersion time are recommended by medical personnel. It is suggested not to stay in the water more than 20 minutes, and then you should wait at poolside wrapped in hot towel given by the SPA. To enter the pool it’s necessary to wear a bathing suit and a cap, and it’s allowed the use of swimming pool shoes.


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